The book that created record sales in Bahrain and the region The book that is now helping hundreds of kids and parents achieve optimum health Get Your Copy! Did you know that if you force your children to finish their plate, you’re setting them up for a host of eating problems in the future? Note: […]
My book I WANT HEALTHY KIDS has been published for the Indian market in May this year.  Life Positive (book and magazine publishers) have printed it in English to sell to Indian parents who want to help their kids get healthier. I am very grateful for my publishers for making this possible. And honoured to […]
Did you know that kids who eat nutritious food have higher IQs, perform better in school, and get into less trouble with their friends?  Also, kids who have a balanced diet get sick less often, they have stable energy levels that last them through the day, behave better in public, and enjoy a bunch of […]