Want To Be AliaApproved ?

Is your organization helping the community?
Are you adding to the wellbeing and happiness of the people who purchase your products?
Would you like to give your products more credibility and a better place in the market with the endorsement of a health figure?

Join Alia Almoayed’s family of AliaApproved products and reach a wider audience who will benefit from this high-profile and trustworthy collaboration

The AliaApproved brand is a fast-growing, nutritionist endorsed seal that is given to products and services that meet the requirements of Nutritional Therapist and Health Advocate Alia Almoayed.

AliaApproved /al*ya*app*roovd/
a product, service or person promoting wellbeing, known to induce health and happiness * makes healthy living exciting, easy and/or delicious * causes an insane love of life * item belonging to the family of AliaApproved products and services * e.g. I will only eat it if it’sAliaApproved * ORIGIN 21st century English of Bahraini origin. Dates back to nutritional therapist & health advocate Alia Almoayed. SYNONYMS no synonyms recorded to date See also ALIALICIOUS, SHRAYHAALIA

“I decided to join the AliaApproved family because as a Yoga studio, I am looking to provide holistic health and wellness as a whole. There is no one in Bahrain more established, highly respected and has much exposure as a nutritional therapist as Alia.  I also chose Alia as our talents, knowledge and passions complement one another and so it is easy to collaborate on events and workshops especially that Alia is always willing to help. I also noticed before joining how seeing the AliaApproved seal on certain brands gave me a sense of trust towards that brand since it fit Alia’s high standards. I wanted the same for my brand.  I had spent a lot of money on advertising etc and none of it has the power to influence sales as much as social media. Alia often posts promoting my brand and my follower base increased significantly.  AliaApproved is one of the best marketing decisions I made. People became more curious about my brand and our joint events were always successful.” Weam Zabar – Founder, Namaste (Bahrain)

“As any company that needs its long-lasting visibility in society, we decided to collaborate with a valued name today in Bahrain “AliaApproved” which has its own market of trust and belief with a wide range of followers.  Of course we found the collaboration very beneficial. The “AliaApproved” brand has made our title “A Book for Every Girl” a talking subject. It has also increased our sales because of the creative talk initiated by Alia’s brand.  Let me tell you the truth, we are still surprised by the number of followers after getting “AliaApproved”. It has just given us a great leap in reach to the followers we couldn’t reach before.  Today we can proudly say that “AliaApproved” is not a mere seal, its a trust of Quality, Class and Creativity. We would without any further doubt recommend it to other organisations and we have already done so.” Mohammed Bu Hassan – Founder, AlWaraqoon (Bahrain)


In order to acquire the AliaApproved seal, follow the following steps:
1. Send an email to with information about what you offer and what makes you special.
2. We will contact you after researching your product/service and possibly send you some questions
3. We will set an appointment to sample/view your product/service for assessment
4. We will enter your product/service for consideration for the AliaApproved seal and will email you back with further details
5. Once approved, we will set a meeting to discuss details and sign the initial contract agreement

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