وصفات صحية ولدذيذة من أخصائية التغذية علياء المؤيد Recipes and healthy food ideas from Alia Almoayed

Almond scrub

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes experimenting with something very interesting! Thanks Noor! It all started when.. A few months ago Almond milk became part of our daily lives.  I made home-made almond milk which we [...]

Apple Lassies

I apologise for the long break from blogging.  But I’m back and that’s what counts! On this wintery rainy day, I thought I’d share with you a recipe for a nice warm dessert. I made it with the kids the [...]

My birthday cake!

It was my birthday yesterday!  As much as I would have liked to keep my age to myself, my kids keep announcing it to everyone they see and they even insisted on adding the number candles to my cake!  Actually, we just [...]

Sprouty sprouts

Finally, we learnt how to sprout… after many attempts and many sprouts-to-be in the bin. It turns out, it’s a lot easier than I thought.  All the great amazon books I got on sprouting were way overqualified [...]

Cool and Healthy summer ideas!

I want to have enough time to tell you about 3 different healthy ideas today, so I’ll get right to it. 1 –  Fruit lollies The most exciting thing for us these days is the ‘fruit lollies’. [...]

‘Pinky’ sauce!

This is the name of the spread that I started making recently.  I got the recipe from a little postcard that came with an online order that I made.  It sat on my table for weeks until I finally had the time to try it [...]

Finally, the almond milk recipe!

I got loads of replies to my ‘Wanna see what I eat?‘ post from last week saying that you want to have the home-made almond milk recipe.  And I’m really glad about that because it’s absolutely [...]