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Fasting and Alkaline

If you were to do one thing for your health this Ramadan, what should it be? Let me give you a suggestion. This Ramadan, why not try to make your body more alkaline? If you remember acid an alkaline from your old [...]

Fasting Supplements

So you’re fasting all day and then you have a big meal of rice, meat, samboosas, and maybe a small side dish of vegetables or salad. How many nutrients do you think you got from that meal? Did it contain enough [...]

Fasting and Happy?

Are we supposed to be happy while fasting? A lot of people get grumpy when they’re fasting. Understandably, they are hungry, but why else would be upsetting them? When we fast, we go through major bodily detox. Our [...]

Smart Fasting 101

I read a few days ago in the newspaper that meat consumption is expected to rise during the month of Ramadan. That surprised me and then saddened me.  Mainly because the holy month of Ramadan is supposed to be a [...]

What’s in your fridge?

People get nervous when they see me in the supermarket. They get even more nervous when I come over and open their fridge. Would you be nervous if I saw what’s in your fridge? I always say that the trick to getting [...]

What toiletries?

Most people don’t realise that a big portion of their toxins come from the toiletries they use. For example, fluoride toothpaste can be harmful because fluoride is a toxin. In fact, fluoride is the active ingredient [...]

#AliaRetreats – Bodrum 2013

We did it! And we’re back.. detoxed, rejuvenated, and energised! And did I mention? more beautiful ** Follow #AliaRetreats on Twitter & Instagram to see more photos! ** What we did.. A couple of years ago, [...]