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Are MEN turning into women?

If you are a man and you’re tired of hearing about female hormone problems and ‘women issues’, then you should read this. Many men today are unknowingly experiencing a hormone shift that is affecting their hormone [...]

Why can’t I lose weight!

Have you ever tried to lose weight but had a hard time? Watch this video and find out how (and why!) you might be holding on to your fat cells without knowing it! This video was taken from the amazing one-day [...]

What I Eat!

The most common question I get by far is “what do you eat?” For some reason, people are interested to know what I eat.  They probably think I eat strange things, or they think that if they copy what I eat then all [...]

Iron Men of Bahrain!

I HAD to interview them… I just HAD to! You see, they completed the IronMan 70.3 triathlon in Singapore last month! It is a grueling triathlon with a 1.5km swim, 90km bike ride, and a 21km run!  It took them [...]

Chewing on Poison!

When Sara* came to see me, she had frequent headaches, depression, low energy levels, and severe bloating. But her biggest concern at the time was her skin rashes that were getting worse by the day. They would [...]

Health Myth #3: No hormones in my food!

I had a lovely time last Thursday with all the ladies from HSBC Bahrain.  We talked about ‘The 5 Biggest Health Myths, Exposed!’ It was a lovely group.  The workshop was just over an hour long with [...]

Mother’s Day special :)

In Bahrain, we celebrate mother’s day on the 21st of March. This year’s mother’s day was the best I ever had.  I truly felt special My kids made me all kinds of glittery cards and drawings for the [...]

Why Should I Detox? (YPO workshop)

I had an amazing workshop last week entitled ‘Why Should I Detox’. I gave it to a lovely group from the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) in Bahrain.  We spent almost two hours talking about where [...]