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BIG mag

This is an article that came out in BIG magazine (Bahrain – April 2011). Thought you might like it. Buy essay cheap

How NOT to gain weight in Ramadan

LISTEN TO THE REPLAY HERE Finally, I get to answer all the questions that I’m getting about weight gain and weight loss during the fasting month of Ramadan! In this episode, I chat with a friend about how people can [...]

Ramadan Detox chat

This Ramadan, make sure you’re maximizing your detox while you’re fasting.  That’s the only that you’ll be able to get the full benefits of fasting and make use of this amazing healing and regenerating month! Listen [...]

A great new book for kids

I got this message from Helen Maffini, the author of an amazing new book! “Hi Alia. I just wanted to share with you the release of my new children’s story book aimed at 3rd culture kids. Sammy’s [...]

Headaches and Fasting!

CLICK HERE FOR THE REPLAY You don’t get a headache because of a deficiency in panadol, you know! Click here to listen to all the amazing natural remedies for your headache.. easy and no side-effects! Oh, and [...]

5 Secrets to a Healthy New You!

LISTEN TO THE REPLAY HERE Everybody wants quick solutions. No one has time to read books, watch documentaries, or search the net for health information.  They want to get just the information they need; information [...]

Conquering your own Everest

I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Hayes this month. He gave a very inspiring talk at EO (Entrepreneurs Org) about his fascinating achievements. The talk was called ‘Conquering your own Everest’. I was [...]