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Can you eat your skincare products?

CLICK HERE to LISTEN to my chat with Annmarie! The skin absorbs everything you put on it. Unfortunately, today most skin-care products are filled with toxic, chemical-filled, unnatural products. [...]

My day of silence

*** CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Anne LeClaire *** ** Scroll down to read my ‘silent journal entries’ ** In the midst of the political and emotional chaos, I have decided [...]


Have you ever been depressed or anxious? I know we’ve certainly had a lot of that in the recent political unrest all around the world, especially in the Middle East. Many people don’t recognize [...]

Weight Loss in Minutes!

DARE TO BE HEALTHY Ep 16- Weight Loss in Minutes CLICK HERE to listen to the replay of this episode Everybody wants to know how they can lose weight quickly and effectively.  “how do I lose [...]

Fighting Kids Obesity

We all know the new generation is getting fatter and fatter. Kids cannot do half the stuff the previous generations did at their age. Junk food, playstations, and a sedentary lifestyle are [...]

Heal Others to Heal Yourself

      I used to think that if you perfect your diet, you can perfect your health.  But I was wrong.  I learnt the hard way that a lot more goes into it.  When you improve the [...]

Preg Talk (Not-to-be-missed)

CLICK HERE to listen to this amazing chat I had with pregnant mother-of-two Mara Mostafa about pregnancy and my latest book I WANT A HEALTHY PREGNANCY. She was one of the first few people who got [...]