AliaApproved Yoga at Namaste

Namaste 8

Weam Zabar reminded me why I loved yoga.

When I tried her class in June 2014 I fell immediately in love, or let’s say re-fell in love with yoga. I had been doing yoga for almost 11 years but I was starting to get tired of the repetition. I had hit a wall. But when I joined Weam’s class in her charming little yoga centre on Budaiya road (Bahrain) I was reminded of the moving meditation effect that made me fall in love with yoga in the first place. And I was instantly reconnected with the stillness inside me.

So I thought it deserved to become the only AliaApproved yoga school on the island. And once you try it, you too will agree with me.

We ran a great event to introduce people to the AliaApproved Namaste affiliation. And we had a great time!


Here’s what Weam had to say of the affiliation. Thank you Weam!

“I decided to join the AliaApproved family because as a Yoga studio, I am looking to provide holistic health and wellness as a whole. There is no one in Bahrain more established, highly respected and has much exposure as a nutritional therapist as Alia.  I also chose Alia as our talents, knowledge and passions complement one another and so it is easy to collaborate on events and workshops especially that Alia is always willing to help. I also noticed before joining how seeing the AliaApproved seal on certain brands gave me a sense of trust towards that brand since it fit Alia’s high standards. I wanted the same for my brand.  I had spent a lot of money on advertising etc and none of it has the power to influence sales as much as social media. Alia often posts promoting my brand and my follower base increased significantly.  AliaApproved is one of the best marketing decisions I made. People became more curious about my brand and our joint events were always successful.” Weam Zabar – Founder, Namaste (Bahrain)


photo 4

These are photos from our joint event about digestive health that was held in Oct 2014

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