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كتاب لكل فتاة

مخصص للفتيات بين عمر التاسعة و التاسعة عشر و يهتم بكل ما تهتم به الفتيات في هذه المرحلة العمرية كالبلوغ و النظافة و الشعر و البشرة و الغذاء الصحي و العناية بالجسم.
الكتاب بيع في 15 دولة حول العالم
للمؤلفة فيوليتا بابيك

الكتاب باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية و متوفر حصريا لدى شركة الوراقون
مبروك للوراقون نجاحهم واهنيهم على اختياراتهم الجيدة للكتب التي تطبع من قبلهم


A Book For Every Girl

This Book is intended for all girls aged between nine and nineteen years old and covers many of subjects that are close to them like: Puberty, Personal cleanliness, body development, Hair care, body care and healthy food.

I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw it and it entered straight into my AliaApproved family and into my heart. I got it for my daughter and some of her friends. It’s a book that all young girls should. It’s truly a book I wish I had when I was that age!

Here’s what AlWaraqoon had to say about the affiliation. Thank you Mohamed!

“As any company that needs its long-lasting visibility in society, we decided to collaborate with a valued name today in Bahrain “AliaApproved” which has its own market of trust and belief with a wide range of followers.  Of course we found the collaboration very beneficial. The “AliaApproved” brand has made our title “A Book for Every Girl” a talking subject. It has also increased our sales because of the creative talk initiated by Alia’s brand.  Let me tell you the truth, we are still surprised by the number of followers after getting “AliaApproved”. It has just given us a great leap in reach to the followers we couldn’t reach before.  Today we can proudly say that “AliaApproved” is not a mere seal, its a trust of Quality, Class and Creativity. We would without any further doubt recommend it to other organisations and we have already done so.” Mohammed Bu Hassan – Founder, AlWaraqoon (Bahrain)

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